Friday, March 17, 2006

No to Ming's Dynasty

I see that Iain Dale is mischievously touting me as a contender for the job of Press Secretary to Sir Menzies Campbell as advertised in this week's Press Gazette.

I'm sorry to have disappoint him. Even if I had the slightest inclination to return to London from glorious Derbyshire, going back to the Parliamentary Press Gallery as a spin doctor would be a bit poacher-turned-gamekeeperish for my liking.

But even if I was interested, I think this column published a week or so ago would probably rule me out!

I will however be sure to recommend Iain Dale for the post of Number 10 Press Secretary if and when David Cameron becomes Prime Minister.

March 20 update: Forget No 10 Press Sec - I hereby nominate Iain for the forthcoming vacancy at Folkestone which was announced on Friday night. And unlike me becoming Ming's press spokesman, I reckon he'd be in with a serious chance!


Toque said...

Press Secretary?

I think you can put him down as food taster.

Iain Dale said...


skipper said...

But weren't you cheerleading one of his opponents Paul?

stalin's gran said...

Very naughty of Iain - but I would suggest the job could probably be done on a Monday morning before breakfast, and from Derbyshire.

David Gladwin said...

Well, I reckon you should apply for it.

Tailor your CV to the purpose, write a blinding covering letter, and then sit back and see whether you get an interview.

Then we can read all about it here.

Paul Linford said...

Gran, Dave - the answer is no. And that's a final answer.

Skip - yes, I supported Huhne in the leadership contest, which is one more reason why me and Ming would not exactly be a match made in heaven.

David Gladwin said...

That's a shame. Your presumably doomed application would have been a right caper, and I was already looking forward to a blow-by-blow account.

Any other interesting jobs in the Press Gazette?

The Grim Reaper said...

Typical - my blog has selfishly fallen over just when the Emperor needs a new Imperial Messenger.

Anonymous said...

Folkestone to go Lib Dem next election I think.

Especially if Iain Dale stands (if North Norfolk is anything to go by....)