Friday, August 11, 2006

It's shaping up for Reid v Brown

Odds are shortening on a John Reid leadership challenge after his assured response to the terror raids, says Mike Smithson on PoliticalBetting.Com.

Hard to disagree, and I'll be saying a fair bit more about this in my weekend newspaper columns and podcast which, as ever, will be available here on Monday.

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Rigger Mortice said...

I've been saying to anyone who'd listen for a while that Brown is not a shoe in.

GB is crippled as a politican by his lack of wit and charisma.Reid is beginning to (as ever) sound and look the part.And to be frankly honest (as a paid up tory) he's far more believable than Cameron who just consistently fails to impress with his lack of a message generally but specifically with regard to the threat to this country.

A soft socialist said...

From the US Reid seems to be doing a fantastic job at handling the terror issue.

politaholic said...

Assured? Maybe. He can certainly recognize an opportunity for self-promotion when he sees one.

W G Gruff said...

Jock on Jock? Knock on Wood!

I'd say that there is more chance of an English Parliament in 2010 than the Jock doc in No. 10, at any time.

The people of England daily feel less and less inclination to subsidise Reid's constituents, and most Labour party members live in England.

Don't waste your English pounds on either Broon or Reid: both face a bitter retirement, 'stabbed in the back' by 'English bastards'.

Knock on wood and then vote for the English Democrats.

The UK Daily Pundit said...

He's certainly looked and sounded the part. But if he's got any chance of the top job it's likely to depend on how well he does at the Home Office. And whether he's given enough time to turn it around before any leadership contest.

John Hutnyk said...

Sure, keep those speculations coming on how the terror 'scare' is a vote winner for the Home Secretary. Reid and Johnson does look like a great team in the run up to the New Hampshire primary. Clearly Reid's learnt a thing or two from watching those training epiosodes from the West Wing where the contenders jockey for position before one of them collapses in a heap on polling day. (I guess Deputy Presscaught was thinking the same way). Unfortunately that isn't how its gonna work here is it - the trouble for Reid and Johnson is that they will have to look appealling to voters to make sure they are not evicted early by Davina (a double eviction is also on the cards - of both Reid and Brown, both should be 'less than confident'). There is no way I can countenance the idea of these guy's getting the gong - and Reid's worse than the fellow with the dog.