Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well done England

I must admit I had my doubts about Steve McLaren. He came over as a bit of a yes-man during the Eriksson era and I don't really think his "achievements" in the domestic game quite merited such a promotion, although he was very good at Derby during the Jim Smith era.

Furthermore, I think the decision to appoint a new manager before, rather than after the World Cup risked all sorts of problems in the event of a poor performance by Sven's Men.

So last night's 4-0 win against Greece was very refreshing to see, in particular the new sense of dynamism in the midfield area and the way Terry and Ferdinand were encouraged to bring the ball out of defence.

With Rooney yet to return from suspension, and the prospect of a fit-again Owen in the team, it is suddenly exciting to be an England fan again.

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Anonymous said...

Now if only every team fails to turn up like Greece then we will be world champions in no time... Best to wait for a real test before we start deluding ourselevs again.

Anonymous said...

the real test came... and he failed... quite miserably. im guessing few of us english will be putting a bet on football during the Euro Finals next year. Just out of interest, if you were to participate in a bit of football betting at some stage during the Euros, who would you back?