Monday, December 11, 2006

Brown keeps his aces up his sleeve

Last week's Pre-Budget Report was the first for many years I have not covered for either a newspaper or the this is sites, but I don't think I missed a great deal. It's clear that Gordon Brown is now looking to get through his remaining few months as Chancellor by doing as little as possible, holding back the really big announcements for the start of his premiership next summer.

This is the theme of my current Podcast which is also available in text format HERE.

"For now, British politics has entered a bizarre state of limbo, with Blair in office but not in power and Brown in power but not in office. It’s Brown who is the man with the plan – but it’s the plan for his first few months as Premier, not his last few months as Chancellor, and the name of the game last week was to give as little of it away as possible."

My tip for Brown's "big bang" announcement to get his premiership off to a flyer and draw a line under the Blair years: NHS independence, on the Bank of England model.

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Raymond said...

I'm still having problems with the whole "Gordon Brown will be the next Labour leader" thing. Sure, he's arguably the most likely candidate - but isn't this supposed to be a democratic decision?

It doesn't really sit right with me that the premiership should be handed over to him so simply. Shouldn't we pretend at least that there will be a fail elective process?

Raymond said...

(oops - that should be "fair elective process")