Friday, December 22, 2006

The Seven Best Things I did in 2006

James Higham has tagged me among others to name the seven best things I have done this year. This seems like a good, last-day-at-work-before-Christmas sort of thing to do, so happy to oblige, James.

  • Watched my son George continue to develop into a right little character.

  • Celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary.

  • Moved to a new role at work, away from the online-print interface into web project management.

  • Built up this blog from nothing to a place in Mr Dale's Top 10.

  • Bought a big family tent and enjoyed a lovely holiday in the Lakes

  • Finished landscaping my garden

  • Although I would rather not have had to do it, helped my sister organise a very moving send-off for my brother-in-law Mitch, who was killed in a road accident on Good Friday.

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    james higham said...

    When do we get to see the pics of the landscaping, Paul?

    james higham said...

    Forgot - you're supposed to tag 7 others, Paul. [See Iain Dale].

    UK Daily Pundit said...

    Have a good break Paul.