Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who should get Gordon's job?

Now that the Premiership seems in the bag for Manchester United Gordon, expect the great guessing game over the shape of his Cabinet to start up again. I'll be posting my thoughts here soon, but meanwhile, here's a new Poll to enable you to cast your votes for the next Chancellor.

I reckon there are no more than six possible candidates in the running and I would be amazed if Brown picks anyone from outside that half-dozen. They are long-time Treasury aide Ed Balls, Defence Secretary Des Browne, Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling, Environment Secretary David Miliband, Commons leader Jack Straw and the current Treasury No 2, Stephen Timms.

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Toque said...

I had to go for Timms since he's the only one whose face I'm not sick of the sight of.

The rest I'd cheerfully administer a damn good kicking to. But enough about my anger management problems.

Liam Murray said...

No surprise Des Browne is last - only surprise that you consider him in the running at all Paul?

Recent events (and the fact that he's a family acquaintance of some 20 years) tell me he's not really cabinet material, let alone one of the big three.

It's between Straw & Milliband but my money is on Milliband. Give the young contender the brief his boss has dominated so forcefully for the last decade and see what he's really made of.

Also, although it might seem counter-intuitive giving the Treasury to Milliband is actually in incredibly clever way to silence him. It may've been the opposite since 1997 (with Brown dominant in domestic policy and Blair increasingly forced onto foreign policy etc.) but the Chancellor who works under Brown the PM will always be subordinate to that legacy - they would need to be incredibly strong-minded and independent to wrestle that brief from Brown in anything other than name.

Perhaps only Reid could pull that off....

Paul Linford said...


I'm tempted to reply that I included Des Browne as a joke, but it wouldn't be true. I have actually seen his name mentioned in connection with the Treasury vacancy, though admittedly before the cash-for-stories row blew up.

Anonymous said...

Timms is already overpromoted as Treasury Chief Secretary. Too goofy, and far too little gravitas, to be Chancellor. He'd make Norman Lamont look heavyweight (and, of course, Lamont was the last Chancellor to be promoted directly from Treasury Chief Secretary without having managed his own department).

Amanwy said...

Straw has clearly done a deal with Brown to sign up as his campaign manager. Having been Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, he wants to join Callaghan in the club for those who have had all three 'great offices of state'.

grimupnorth said...

None of the above. Ideally. But have met Ed Balls and he's a v bright lad OK human being. But what a depressing list. However, my money is on Darling.