Friday, September 28, 2007

18th place

My copy of the Guide to Political Blogging 2007 arrived on my doormat today and I am very pleased to see that this blog is still rated among the UK's Top 20 political blogs, as chosen by 500 readers of Iain Dale's Diary.

Although my 18th place represents a drop of eight places from last year, when I was placed 10th, I am actually pretty chuffed just to stay in the Top 20 as the past 12 months have not been easy ones in terms of maintaining the work-life-blog balance.

I was also placed fourth in the "media blogs" category behind Nick Robinson, Spectator Coffee House and Ben Brogan, and while it is gratifying to be named in such illustrious company, I do have a slight issue with this categorisation.

No doubt it was an innocent mistake, but unlike Nick, Ben, and the Spectator boys and girls, whose blogs are essentially adjuncts to their print or broadcast journalism, I am no longer a full-time journalist and the political columns I write for two regional newspapers are not my main source of income.

Update: The full list of the top 300 blogs can now be viewed over at Iain's place.

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Iain Dale said...

You are very difficult to categorise! Perhaps next year we will transfer you to Left of Centre?

Praguetory said...

Congrats in order nonetheless.

Paul Linford said...


Left-of-centre blog? The way are things are going right now I might end up voting Tory at the next election on the grounds that Dave is now clearly to the left of Gordon!!

Seriously, I don't mind the description "journalist blogger," as in last year's list, it's just this phrase "media blog" that gets me going. To me, that denotes a blog that's attached to an outlet of the MSM, as Nick, Ben, Spectator Coffee House and all the others in that category are, whereas my blog is purely a piece of private enterprise.


I am very relieved to come in one place above you as being beaten by a retired blogger would have been very hard to take ;-) - but well done anyway! Might you be tempted back at some stage? It's been a bit quiet without you!

Praguetory said...

Cheers Paul. You deserved your place above me. If I'm honest, my position was flattering. If an election is called I'll be back. You might not believe this, but I don't intend to be adversarial.