Saturday, September 29, 2007

And here's who I voted for....

Now that the Great List has finally been published, here's a reminder of who I voted for, with their positions in Iain Dale's poll in brackets.

1 Political Betting (5)
2 Iain Dale's Diary (1)
3 Liberal England (53)
4 Bloggerheads (57)
5 Benedict Brogan (14)
6 Chicken Yoghurt (29)
7 Guido Fawkes (2)
8 Dizzy Thinks (3)
9 UK Daily Pundit (79)
10 Skipper (105)
11 Rachel From North London (49)
12 Tom Watson (22)
13 Nick Robinson (8)
14 Mars Hill (87)
15 Little Man in a Toque (88)
16 Nether-World (277)
17 Obsolete (195)
18 ConservativeHome (4)
19 Kate's Home Blog (Not listed in Top 500 - shame!)
20 Newer Labour (73)

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Anonymous said...

Aw thanks Paul. To be honest I wasn't expecting to be listed as my blog has an, um, 'select' readership, shall we say! And I've never been sure whether it really counts as politics anyway, since it's got a fair amount of fluffy stuff on there as well as the occasional socio-political rant. I think the political blogosphere has become a lot more 'hardcore' in that sense in the past year or so, it's a lot more important now to have a clear 'real-world' political alliance, and to get noticed you also have to develop clear online alliances and promote your blog ruthlessly to boost your traffic.
In fact I can feel a post about this coming on ...!

Miller 2.0 said...

Cheers, I'm genuinely chuffed.