Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stating the obvious

Alan Milburn says that Labour must bring forward a message of "change" if the party is to win the next election. John Prescott says that in order to win the party needs to remain united.

They may be coming at the situation facing the party from different directions, but both are right.

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Dirty Euro said...

We don't need a change. A new leader would face the same issues ansd strong tory oppistiotn.
This revolt has hammered labour and it should not be be rewarded.
I blame John Reid. He is the leader of the plotters. These people would rather stop the party having a chance of recovery than not see their wing of the party win.

Toque said...

If Labour unite around a change of leader they might be able to begin a fightback.

Unfortunately there's no one suitable.

MorrisOx said...

Rather like investment banks, the Labour leadership battle is (for the moment) dead in the water.

Events, dear boy, events, as Gordon Brown might say with a sigh of relief.

broncodelsey said...

The major change that New Labour needs is a thing called the truth.

Too late though,the electorate has clearly had it with New Labour's lies about the reasons for war,lies about immigration,lies about the EU referendum and finally lies about the economy.

Ben said...

Did Prescott really say the party should remain united?

He ought to realise that there's no need for him to provide further evidence of his quite incredible obtuseness; we were convinced of that a long time ago.

Letters From A Tory said...

Like Toque said, does being united in the fact that they want a change of leader count? Milburn must be desperate to get back to the top of the tree, and the impending reshuffle might just let him back in.

timothy moriarty said...

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Anonymous said...

In 1997, the tories deserved to lose. Now, this socialist govt needs to be be thrown out.

But it must be obvious that a huge victory for the oppostion 10 years ago (and the opposite opposition in 18 months time) is bad news.

TB was a fine politician. But a very big majority didn't help his govt, and nor will it help DC's.