Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Conspiracy theories

Not surpisingly, the number of conspiracy theories about last Thursday's terror said continues to multiply on the web.

Even if you don't believe in them, they certainly make entertaining reading.

* Shaphan suggests the whole thing was set up by the security services to help John Reid, who he claims is their preferred candidate to succeed Blair as Prime Minister.

* Craig Murray argues that the episode is designed to deflect attention from Blair and Bush's domestic troubles, and urges us all to "be very sceptical."

* Guido says it's designed to lay the ground for further harsh anti-terror measures, a claim given added credence by this report in Scotland on Sunday.

Meanwhile Paul Donovan takes all of us hacks to task on the Press Gazette site for our tendency to believe everything the authorities tell us. Yeah right.

My verdict? Yes, there probably was a plot, and yes, it is in the nature of governments - especially this one - to exploit such situations for all they are worth.

But Reid as MI5's candidate for PM? Surely not. Don't they realise he's a former Commie?

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towcestarian said...

Former Commie? Methinks he doth change his spots too readily. Whoops, there's another conspiracy theory started - sorry.

skipper said...

Dennis Healey was a former commie too so MI5 must know that such former affiliations count for little. But I DO think there was a plot yet I'm also convinced most of those 25 people arrested will be released without charge. So many close friends of the arrestees swear they could never be involved I'm fairly sure this will prove to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, people have a short attention span and a sense of how long the legal process can take. If most are released it will confirm the conspiracy theorists. If they aren't, it will be many months until a trial. Can anyone really believe that this was manufactured? Doh! Daft question.

Anonymous said...

A former commie! so was Alfred Sherman Mrs Thatcher's guru.