Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sid the Sexist, eat your heart out

According to reports, Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry has now been sent home on "gardening leave" by her boss Sir Alan Sugar after becoming pregnant by fellow contestant Syed.

I suspect that most people's reaction to this sorry tale will be one of schadenfreude. This is Britain after all, and we love nothing better than to see ambitious young kids like Michelle put in their place.

But does anyone apart from me think that, in an age when women regularly juggle motherhood and careers, Sir Alan is being a tad neanderthal about it all?

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jane said...

of course he's being neanderthal, what would you expect? He's also making a mistake - does he really think British industry is well served by declining half the population an opportunity to contribute to it? huh!

David Gladwin said...

Presumably Sugar suspects that the leaked story came from very close to the source.

Employers are still allowed to be prejudiced against unwelcome publicity from people they're paying to get on with some work instead of courting the media.

Daz said...

If had taken on Ruth Badger like he should have done, he wouldn't have had the problem !!

Richard Bailey said...

Good lord. Get with the pace. Sugar is punishing her choice of partner not her condition.

Syed was a most unpleasant and unliked presence on the show and Sugar will be rightly disappointed that Michelle entertained him at such close quarters as to result in pregnancy.

Serious lack of judgement on her part.