Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tom Mangold makes my day!

Yesterday morning Iain Dale posted a piece on his blog criticising Panorama's latest tabloid-style documentary on the water industry. Agreeing with the general thrust of this, I posted a light-hearted comment saying "Bring back Tom Mangold!"

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my computer this morning to find an email from Mangold himself thanking me for my comments!

The man is actually a journalistic hero of mine, having produced a brilliant Panorama documentary on the miscarriage of justice surrounding the Cardiff Three murder case which inspired me, as a reporter on the South Wales Echo in the early 90s, to try and do my bit to get the case reopened.

I'm not sure if my efforts had any effect at the time, but the Cardiff Three were eventually completely vindicated in 2003, when Jeffrey Ghafour - the notorious "Mr X" of numerous newspaper investigations into the crime - admitted the killing having been nailed by advances in DNA technology.

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Iain Dale said...

Oh my God, Tom Mangold reads my blog. And Jonathan Maitland too. What should I make of that?

Paul Linford said...

Everyone reads your blog Iain. But it's nice to know you still read mine ;-)

Iain Dale said...

every day matey!