Thursday, August 03, 2006

Walter Wolfgang joins Labour's NEC

Possibly the greatest victory against NuLab control freakery since Peter Mandelson failed to be elected to the NEC in 1997! Read the full story HERE.

I was however genuinely surprised by this result as, from her Loughborough Uni days onwards, Lorna Fitzsimons has always been good at getting elected to things, occasionally employing some innovative techniques in order to do so.

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media scum said...

full list he

News and speeches:
NEC results announced
Thursday 3 August 2006

The NEC election results for the period 2006-2008 announced today.

Constituencies: NEC Division III (CLPs) - the following were elected to the NEC:

Ann Black
Ellie Reeves
Christine Shawcroft
Peter Wheeler
Peter Willsman
Walter Wolfgang

Local Government: NEC Division IV (local government) - the following were elected to the NEC:

Jeremy Beecham
Sally Powell

stalinsgran said...

er...for the above, but anyway ....hahhahahahahaha

jane said...

I voted for Lorna Fitzsimons, after pondering for a while. Whatever else, she is sane, unlike several of those elected. Two MPs get to be on the NEC too, one of whom is usually Dennis Skinner.