Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All shades of opinion

I came across the new blog aggregator Political Opinions a week or so ago and added a link, and it seems that many other top bloggers including Dizzy and Jonathan Calder have since been doing the same.

The site has been put together by Grant Bowskill and I have to say I am fairly impressed. Design-wise, it is certainly a big improvement on UK Political Blogs and its search facility is far advanced, enabling users to search specifically for Conservative Blogs or Journalist Blogs, for instance.

At my suggestion, Grant agreed to put in direct hyperlinks to the most popular categories and I have accordingly added these to my blog as well under the relevant sections. For the benefit of those who can't be bothered to scroll all that way down, they are:

Conservative Blogs
Labour Blogs
Lib Dem Blogs
Journalist Blogs

There's also a section called Commentator Blogs which I think means blogs written by people who are neither journalists nor overtly party political.

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Paul Burgin said...

Remind me to return the favour and put a link to your blog, as I do seem to be getting a no of hits from it! :)

Toque said...

That's very useful, thanks.

Check out http://www.sayswho.co.uk/main/front too.

Ellee said...

I was impressed with this too when I came across it via Dizzy.