Monday, November 27, 2006

Andy Robinson

It seems that Andy Robinson is now seeing out his last hours as England Rugby Coach following the team's dreadful performances in the autumn internationals.

I have nothing really to add on this subject to what I wrote on March 13 this year after England lost 31-6 to France in the Six Nations. Quite why it has taken the RFU so long to act is beyond me.

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Richard Bailey said...

He has now departed and I don't really have an opinion on that (I am Scottish after all, and our star is slowly starting to rise!)

What i do have an opinion on is the way in which it appears beneath Rob Andrew to take to the touch line himself. He is the elite Director apparently, of a second rate team.

It's a bit like Colchester Utd having a Director of Football. Pretty meaningless.

I also object to the pundit critics who get paid to mouth off and criticise without so much as a semblance of managerial ability between them.

The only pundit I admire is Martin O'Neill, because he is equally good at the helm of a team.

If Andrew or Guscott or Davies had an ounce of self respect they would be digging out their tracksuits and offering their services.