Monday, November 13, 2006

Blair cannot escape shadow of sleaze

Avoiding the temptation to write about the US elections, I returned to thye cash-for-questions affair in my latest column and accompanying Podcast this weekend.

As Mike Smithson speculates, the ongoing inquiry - which ministerial spinners assured us would be completed by now - could play an increasing important part in determining Tony Blair's departure date.

"Given the rate at which the wheels of British justice turn, it is reasonably unlikely that any charges will have been brought by the time Mr Blair leaves office as scheduled next summer.

"But the prospect of having the ongoing inquiry overshadow his final months in office has led some to speculate that Mr Blair could yet surprise us all and go early."

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Grant Thoms said...

Congratulations to Angus Brendan MacNeil, the Western Isles MP who sparked the probe in the Whore of all Democracies we call Westminster.

His winning of Inquisitor of the Year at the Spectator awards and Best Scot at Westminster in the Scottish Politician of the Year last night are well-deserved.