Thursday, November 16, 2006


An occasional series dedicated to bringing the choicest comments from the blogosphere to a slightly wider audience.
No 1.

"The primary advantage of Labourhome over ConservativeHome is that LH is not dedicated to lining up the entire British working class and buggering them one by one."

Alex Hilton, owner of Labour Home and Recess Monkey, interviewed on the Mars Hill blog.

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Will M. said...

I think Alex is a no-talent Number 10 attack dog, but then again, that's just me. That's a silly interview, too - not something from someone who wants to be an MP.

Paul Linford said...

Oh come on Will, surely even aspiring MPs should be allowed to say what they really think occasionally?

Anonymous said...

gosh Will - which part of the interview was unbefitting an aspiring legislator - and have you heard some of the stuff that comes out of our current legislators?

Have re-read the interview and still stand by it - though prepared for a u-turn on any element at short notice subject to the demands of political expediency

Alex Hilton

G Eagle Esq said...

4:06pm Will M. ".... Alex is a no-talent Number 10 attack dog ..."

mmm ... is this fair on this Monkey

Rarely do I agree with the Monkey's views, but this may reflect my own often unreasoning grumpiness

He provides some welcome incisive comments and (rare in aspiring politicians) he has been known to shew on occasion some moral fibre & good sense in not following the Comrades' party line

I would encourage him to continue trying to inform us

In his turn, perhaps he may with time come to see the limitations of his current views, especially if unEmployment levels rise as much as I fear

Your obedient servant etc