Monday, November 27, 2006

Can the Tories become the caring party?

Following David Cameron's attempts last week to persuade people that it is the Tories who really care about the poor, I return to the Political Cross Dressing theme in my latest Podcast which is now live. A text version is also available on the companion blog HERE.

"If the Tories take their argument about relative poverty through to its logical conclusion, they will be able to ask some pretty hard questions of Labour come the next election....I have posed the question before in this column whether Mr Cameron’s Tories might end up to the left of Labour, and the week’s events have again highlighted that possibility."

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stalin's gran said...

Sorry to be glib, but Franco would be to the left of New labour. It isn't hard.

Toque said...

The redistribution of civil service jobs was possibly the one single thing that I agreed with John Prescott about. Living in the South East is nightmarish at times. If quality of life means more than just GDP then the north of England isn't as bad off in relative terms as some like to portray.

Hopefully the reorganisation of Whitehall when England becomes self-administrating will allow us to relieve some of the pressure on the south-east.

Snafu said...

The thought of all three major political parties wishing to re-distribute even more of my taxes fills me with dread!

More and more people seem to share this view too.

party king said...

I like effen lifestyle. Work hard, party hard - vip all the way to a-list nightclub