Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Dale challenge: 10 things I would never do

The great blog chieftain himself Iain Dale has issued a challenge to me among other bloggers to name the top ten things I would never do - other than standing as a Tory candidate or posing in front of a Henry Moore statue, of course.

Anyway here goes:

10. Use the cane in order to discipline my son.
9. Take part in Big Brother, the X-Factor, or any show called "I'm an ex-Lobby hack, get me out of here."
8. Get a tattoo.
7. Declare my allegiance to any Head of State other than my Queen and her successors.
6. Support Man Utd or Chelsea.
5. Get divorced, although I guess it might not be solely my choice.
4. Climb Broad Stand, the crag that separates Scafell Pike from Scafell.
3. Take smack.
2. Convert to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism or any other anti-Christian belief.
1. Top myself.

I'm supposed to tag 10 other bloggers to take part in the challenge, so because I know most of them visit here fairly regularly, I'm nominating: Inamicus, Skipper, Paul Burgin, Adele Reynolds, Stalin's Gran, Femme de Resistance, Little Man in a Toque, James Higham, Lactose and My Own Voice.

November 27 Update: So far, Paul, Skipper and James have compiled their lists on their blogs, while Gran has left his in the comments. Meanwhile Praguetory has provided this amazing analysis of the meme's progress through the blogosphere!

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David Gladwin said...

Brilliant! Here are mine:

10. Accept an identity card.
9. Moderate my language.
8. Fancy anybody with a tattoo.
7. Declare my allegiance to any head of state.
6. Suffer fools.
5. Cause anyone else to get divorced. Unless it’s an accident.
4. Go to Disneyland.
3. Drink alcopops.
2. Adopt any religious or mystical belief.
1. Eat meat.

Anonymous said...

Can I just point out that judaism is not anti-christian it just isn't christian. I'm sure the same could be said for the other religions you list.

skipper said...

I'm already compiling my list- up to 7 so far-and it's fun. My goodness I didn't realise you were so wedded to Queen, church and country...
No criticism, just thought you seemed more of a radical, slighly maverick kind of guy.

Paul Linford said...

No criticism taken...but yes, I would die for the Royalist cause if necessary. Without the Monarchy, Britain wouldn't be Britain.

Richard Bailey said...

Stop picking on posh public school Test match openers then!!!

stalin's gran said...

Paul - 10 things I would never do.

10. Read the Daily Mail without grimacing.
9. Not think about the Brighton bomb without feeling guilty.
8. Vote Liberal Democrat.
7. Drink bottled Martini.
6. Laugh at Ben Elton.
5. Get on a Tube without hating it.
4. Holiday in someone else's misery.
3. Sing God Save The Queen.
2. Buy or listen to a Coldplay
1. Have only 9 things in a 10-thing list.

Snafu said...

10. Vote Labour!?!

james higham said...

Sorry, Paul, already tagged by Ellee. Updating post two days late. Sorry again. Problem was I've got you in the wrong roll. Fixing that now.

james higham said...

By the way, I'm stealing your photo of Dale.

Inamicus said...

Paul, have only just spotted this after being away. I'll give it some thought!