Thursday, November 30, 2006

Press Gazette: Yep, something's up.

Two days on from my mischievous post about the future of journalism trade mag Press Gazette comes confirmation from its website that fresh talks are indeed now under way to save the business.

My assertion that PG staff were still hard at work despite having been made redundant last week was initially met by the retort that they had just gone in on Tuesday to clear their desks and collect their p45s. But it seems to be taking them a while to do it, as the phones continue to be manned this morning.

An anonymous poster - they do have their uses occasionally - points out that the story posted last Friday night saying that the editorial team had been all made redundant has been taken down, and speculates that MD Simon Read and sales director Paul Beard may be involved in a new set-up.

The printed mag, which had a circulation of under 5,000, is clearly dead, but there is mounting speculation within the industry is that PG will indeed be relaunched as a web-only product.

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Mark said...

So far as I understand it, the editorial team are all redundant, but the MD, the sales director, the administrator and one or two others are still around.

Mark said...

This explains what I know about the situation

Anonymous said...

mark, sounds like you're in the same boat as other freelancers - a creditor. legally, the md has no power to keep his 'promise'.

i hear editorial are gone, it's just admin left. without an editorial team, there's not much to sell.