Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Johnson moves against Miliband

Last week I observed that one person who would be none too pleased if David Miliband threw his hat into the ring for the Labour leadership is Alan Johnson, who, I am sure, sees himself as Gordon Brown's potential heir apparent if the next general election goes belly-up.

Johnson's comments on the prospect of a Miliband candidature yesterday seem to bear this out, and demonstrate that, contrary to what many suppose, the Environment Secretary would NOT get the automatic support of the "Blairite" wing of the Cabinet if he stood - far from it.

Meanwhile the pro-Miliband blog There Is An Alternative seems to have had a redesign, including removing the photograph of the man himself from the site along with the explanatorty paragraph of why the blog has been set up.

Whatever can this mean? Is it possible that the author is having second thoughts about a campaign which is sure to split the Labour Party and hand the 2010 election to David Cameron? I think we should be told.

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skipper said...

I'm sure you're right that an element of calculation was contained in the comments of Johnson and Beckett but it is also, just, possible that they were both merely speaking the truth? I don't think Miliband would have much chance against Gordon whatever Blair or Portillo say about him having a chance of winning.

Tom said...

I would have thought Labour would be crazy to go for Milliband. God call on Johnson though, almost uncanny in the event.

barnacle_bill said...

I think ZaNuLabor have lost the next election regardless of who leads them.
The public in general are fed up with the way things have turned out under TB.
It would take a miracle to turn around NuLabor's fortunes for them to win the next election.
Something that Millibrand et al realise.
So I think their reasoning goes along the lines of let GB take all the flak & blame for what happens after TB goes.
Then use the time in opposition to mould the party in it's next re-incarnation.
The interesting thing about the next election I can see is who is actually going to be the winning party/parties?