Monday, April 23, 2007

Make today a public holiday

The relatively low number of public holidays we have in the UK compared to some of our European counterparts (though not to our workaholic US ones) has long been a bugbear of mine. Given the inevitable opposition of the "business lobby," it's not something you could ever have seen the current government doing much about, but maybe the next one will show a more enlightened approach.

As an English patriot, one of the days I would like to see made into a public holiday is today, April 23 - St George's Day. There's already a campaign group lobbying for this which has had a link on this blog for some time, along with a Downing Street petition on the issue which can be signed HERE.

Other additional public holidays I would like to see include January 2. This has long been a public holiday in Scotland, which begs the question why the Scots need a day longer to recover from the New Year's Eve hangover than the rest of us do.

We should also have an additional holiday around the date of the Queen's Official Birthday (usually the third Saturday in June) which, as well as encouraging proper respect for the Monarch, would also be far more likely to yield decent weather than the current holidays in April, May and late-August.

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