Friday, April 20, 2007

Those Top 10 speeches again....

Tomorrow's Guardian is beginning a series on the greatest speeches of the 20th century. Polly Toynbee was on the Today Programme this morning justifying the paper's choice which apparently doesn't include Neil Kinnock's "grotesque chaos" speech to the 1985 Labour Conference.

Kinnock's militant-bashing epic was of course No 1 on my own list published on this blog last year. You can find it HERE.

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1 comment:

David Gladwin said...


I thought of you and your Top Ten Political Speeches when I heard about the Guardian's feature on the Today programme this morning.

In fact, I was going to email you about it, but I couldn't find a link on the Guardian's site.

No wonder, if they're not running the piece until tomorrow!

Good to see that you heard about it, anyhow.