Friday, April 20, 2007

Who would be First Minister of an English Parliament?

With the Scottish and Welsh elections coming up, indefatigable Anglo blogger Gareth Young is currently carrying out this survey on how people would vote in an election for an English Parliament. It's a great idea so I heartily recommend you to take part.

Among the questions asked is who should be First Minister of such a body. There are no prompts, and you have to write in your answer, so doubtless there will be some wiseacres who respond "Gordon Brown" as a wind-up.

Actually it's quite a good question, and not one I can remember being posed before in the MSM. I suppose the answers, particularly in the case of the Tory candidate, would depend on whether the EP was an entirely separate body along the lines of the Scottish Parliament, or whether it was merely English MPs sitting without the Welsh and Scots.

Assuming the former (because it makes more sense apart from anything else) my favourites to become candidates for English First Minister in their respective parties would be William Hague for the Tories, Alan Johnson for Labour, and Chris Huhne for the Liberal Democrats.

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Toque said...

Thanks for the plug Paul.

I'd go for:
Will Hague, Conservative
Frank Field, Labour
Chris Huhne, Lib Dem

I think Nigel Farrage would be good too, he seems to be a very good performer at the EU Parliament, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that smaller single-issue parties to do very well in English-only elections.

Oh, and for your information several jokers have already suggested Gordon Brown and the SNP.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity Michael Portillo is no longer in Parliament, he would have been good.
I suggest making all these buggers do a Morris Dance on the telly and the best one wins.

james higham said...

Good, glad this got a plug.