Thursday, June 07, 2007

A farcical denouement

My wife Gill and I are both complete addicts of The Apprentice but I can't help but feel a bit cheated by last night's "semi final" in which arch-backstabber Katie Hopkins decided to fall on her own sword despite being told she was through to next week's final.

To be honest I've been longing for her to get fired ever since she dissed Northerners and Pinot Grigio-drinkers in the course of her character-assassination of Adam in Week 7. But she was undoubtedly the star of this series, and a final bitch fight showdown between her and gritty single mum Kristina was what most fans were keenly anticipating.

Kristina is still there, of course, but instead she's up against posh Cambridge graduate and failed City Boy Simon, who has somehow managed to survive this far despite making a total arse of himself during the TV sales channel task and on numerous other occasions throughout the series.

I hope Kristina wins, but I fear she will not, as Sir Alan Sugar clearly has a liking for Simon having passed up obvious oportunities to fire him before now. More in-depth Apprentice analysis from Paul Burgin and Kerron Cross.

Update: More on Katie Nice Person HERE. Read it if you can bear.

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MorrisOx said...

I'm amazed that someone as blunt as Sir Alan allowed the crashingly obvious Katie Hopkins Show to drag on as long as it did.

I can't have been the only person on the planet who saw through her game the moment it was revealed she was competing for a £100k job when she was already on £90k plus bonuses. The only Apprentice project she ever had in mind was a few weeks giving it large at someone else's expense and a newspaper deal at the end of it.

As for's Kristina and her Amazing Technicolour contact lenses all the way!

james higham said...

Clearly an acquired taste this, Paul.

VFTN said...

As a Journal columnist and former political editor what do you nake of Hilary Armstrong heading to the backbenches. Will she be a happy backbencher or should the people of Durham North-West expect a new face at the next election?

Paul Linford said...

See latest post.

I can see Hilary A remaining on the backbenches for one more Parliament - she is an hereditary MP after all so the Commons is in the blood to a certain extent - but she is in her early 60s so may decide it's time to do other things.