Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hilary A smells the coffee

So Hilary Armstrong has announced she is stepping down from the Cabinet at the same time as Tony Blair, John Prescott and John Reid on 27 June to give Gordon Brown maximum room for manoeuvre as he reshapes his team.

I think this is what is known as taking the dignified way out, as opposed to the fate awaiting John Hutton, Tessa Jowell and probably Charlie Falconer when Gordo's first Cabinet is finally unveiled.

Armstrong is what I have always described as an absurd loyalist, namely someone who takes loyalty to the leader to the point of absurdity. Never was this more clear than in her conversation with the defecting Labour MP Paul Marsden when she actually uttered the phrase "We don't have spin doctors in Number 10 - or anywhere else."

The chances of her getting a Cabinet job under Gordon Brown were nil. The only thing to be said in her favour is that, unlike some of the others awaiting the axe, she had the good sense to realise this.

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Anonymous said...

I think Hutton will still be there, Paul, but I agree that Jowell is probably toast, which explains some of her lacklustre Olympic appearances in recent days.

Anonymous said...

i also think it is debatable as to whether hutton will go. On the negative side, he did say gordon would be an effing disaster, but on the plus side, he seems to be one of the more competent ministers. plus gord has said that he wants to include 'all the talents'...