Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Piara Khabra - a Lasting Tribute

Earlier today I left a link on Iain Dale's blog alerting readers to this tribute to the Ealing MP Piara Khabra, whose death was announced today.

This has since attracted some comment to the effect that I should have mentioned my involvement in the digital obits site Lasting Tribute, which I currently run for Associated Northcliffe Digital.

Well, as anyone who has visited this blog will know, I have in fact been quite open about my role as the launch project manager for LT, which went live six weeks ago.

Although I'm obviously biased, I'm very proud of the site. As well as Khabra, those of a political bent will find there obituaries to, among others, Bernard Weatherill, Sir Edward Heath, James Callaghan, Barbara Castle, John Smith and Sir Winston Churchill.

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1 comment:

G Eagle said...

Dear Paul

Thank you for Mr K's obituary - it is so encouraging to read about such a kindly man - the righteous man has not entriely disappeared from our Public Squares ...

.... again, thank you for such a moving tribute to the 2 little recently-murdered girls - we share their Father's grief - life can be so cruddy sometimes, but they have left their Dad (& us) with some precious memories

Yr obedt servt etc