Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm truly humbled...

Mike Smithson is in my view the best and most influential political blogger in the land (see previous post.) So I was hugely honoured to receive this nomination for Mr Dale's poll.

It's particularly gratifying in view of the fact that I've found it hard to post as often as I would like over recent months due to other commitments. But like Paddy McAloon* I have tried to maintain some "quality control" and I'm genuinely humbled that someone of Mike's stature should recognise this.

Meanwhile...two narrow near-misses in the Witanagemot Club Political Blogging Awards voted for by bloggers who support the establishment of an English Parliament.

In an encouraging sign that this blog has so far managed to avoid pigeonholing, it was voted both the 2nd best Labour-supporting blog behind Kerron Cross, and the 2nd best centre-ground blog, behind (somewhat bizarrely) Iain Dale.

* The guy out of Prefab Sprout who wrote about four double-albums' worth of material in the 1990s and didn't release any of it because he thought it wasn't up to the standard of their previous work.

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Ellee said...

Paul, that is a well deserved glowing tribute. I certainly included you in my list, as well as

Have a good summer, and hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

The back slapping middle classes - UGGHH!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

I have been only an occasional visitor in the past but when I saw people recommending your blog I thought I would have a look over it to see what was getting them interested.

My attention was caught by your statement about cannabis: you say that it is “evil shit”.

Alcohol undoubtedly causes far more harm than cannabis, including far more serious mental health problems, physical health problems, and violence.

Jesus apparently asked his followers to use alcohol in his memory. Presumably, being God, he would be well aware of these possible effects?

I would like to ask you, do you think alcohol is “evil shit”? If not, why not?