Monday, September 24, 2007

Back on the blog

Blog regular MorrisOx noted in a comment on the previous post - and in another over at Iain Dale's Place - that things had gone a bit quiet over here lately and inquired as to whether it was an "enforced absence."

It was, in fact, entirely voluntary. We've been away visiting a few old friends down south and enjoying a much-needed family holiday - our first as a foursome since the arrival of little Clara Eloise back in August.

I am not one of those bloggers who take the view that in order to keep a blog going you have to post something new every day - in any case I wouldn't be able to sustain that in view of my other commitments - so I hope readers will forgive the occasional barren patch.

For the record, I'll be blogging on Brown's big speech later, along with various other sporting and political matters which have caught my interest during my time away.

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1 comment:

MorrisOx said...

I'm sure I speak on behalf of thousands (sort of) when I say that it a pleasure, possibly even a relief, to see you back in action.

This means that I, and a few others, can now resume our practice of making, smug comments eagerly awaited by an appreciative audience (i.e., me).

Hope the hols were enjoyable and, in the words of my dear friend C. Montgomery Burns, 'Get back to work - lillygubber'