Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I want John, you want Barack

Just occasionally, I disagree with my own readers. The US presidential race is one such instance.

I'm with McCain. You voted:

Barack Obama 42%
John McCain 25%
Hillary Clinton 20%
Mitt Romney 3%
Mike Huckabee 2%
None of these 8%

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Toque said...

I voted for Obama. I'm surprised you voted for John.

Was it something to do with religion?

Unknown said...


Unimpeachable credentials as a noble war hero aside, why?

He is the most hawkish candidate left in the race. If John McCain wins the presidency we WILL have war with Iran.

Perhaps I am a little over sensitive as I live in the Middle East - but that would be the worst possible outcome for this region, the West, the global economy etc etc.

Sure his ability to 'cross the aisle' on legislation, his compassionate (for a Republican) stance on immigration etc are to be applauded. But you'd vote for that man over Obama - a genuine liberal?

I'm intrigued!

Paul Linford said...


I know nothing about the religious affiliations of either candidate.

I would support McCain over Obama simply on the grounds of experience. Obama has done very little in federal US politics and I think he is about as ready to be US president as David Miliband is to be British PM, ie, not.