Thursday, February 07, 2008

Will you stay up for Question Time?

Viewing figures for Question Time should be up tonight - not only is libertarian pin-up Shami Chakrabarti on the panel, she is joined Julia Goldsworthy, choice of many Lib Dem-leaning males for the party leadership last year.

Also appearing are Andy Burnham, tipped by the Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph, no less, as the next Labour leader, Tory rottweiler Chris Grayling, who has been tipped by some (including me) as a potential next Tory leader, and entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, who does not need to be tipped as any sort of leader as he is already worth £150m quid.

As last week, I'll be reviewing how they got on later.

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1 comment:

Cyberleader said...

I'll be watching if only for a Andy Burnham vs Shami Chakrabarti face-off over ID cards (hopefully!)

Although I think it will be framed in a much wider debate about 'surveillance society'