Monday, March 10, 2008

Justice for Scarlett

I was pleased to read this morning that the Goa Police now appear to have accepted that their original finding that 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling died from drowning despite having no water in her lungs was wrong and that she was in fact brutally raped and murdered - although it remains to be seen whether they have yet got their man.

I never met Scarlett, but her father, uncles and grandmother lived in the house next door to us when I was growing up and although it is many years since I have seen any of them, the family is very much in my thoughts at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul. I am from Goa, and am indeed sad, by the way the police have handled this case. The Goa police are corrupt to the core. It is a well known fact that the force is made up of useless,low brained people who lack simple deductive logic and are placed by some idiotic authoritarian politicians for their own selfish needs. Goa is crumbling.

There is a unholy nexus between the officials as well as the politicians. I suspect this case to be so controversial that the collapse of the Govt is soon eminent.

It is sad that Goans have been facing a lot of bad press recently, Yes it is true, and we hate some of our kind who keep droolong over the fact that they will earn a few more pounds,robbing tourists,but i guess that happens when any person with no conscience has never seen a lot of money before and can be implied to any "lot" of people.

There are many "Moral civilised goans" who have waged an open war with these crazy species and have also threatened the politicians in a peaceful non violent way to preserve Goa, may it be, flushing out the bad guys,realtors from other states, preserving Goa's ecosystem as well as stable Governance.

It has been over a decade since i have last visited the Coastal belt as i find it offensive and immoral,But i fear cleaning it out may be next to impossible as we have the Russian Mafia and the israeli gangs which have raised its cancerours tendrils and are destroying the very same Goa that we call the Pearl of the east. It may be so difficult to handle, let me remind you that the erstwhile soviet union had the same problem with the powerful rusian mafia and was the reason for its demise during the late 80's.
It is humorous,yet paradoxically sad to note that our police force are still using the Lee enfield Bolt action Rifle, which was used by the british since WW1. Does that not speak volumes Paul?

Our own people have lost their dignity and there has been a lot of looting and God only knows what.

It is sad that Scarlett had lost her life in the most horrific way,if only her mom would not entrust her to The bad guys.
It is something that will hurt her soul,like a malignant tumor till the end of her time.

As a Goan, i am sorry for all this.I feel ashamed that our Goans have resorted to such evil...

Anonymous said...

Today's news that the police may investigate the mother over her alleged negligence, appears to be a move to deflect attention away from their own inability to accept criticism. Reminiscent of a case in Portugal.