Friday, March 14, 2008

Milburn: Next election up for grabs

I am pleased to be able to carry on this blog an interview with the former Labour cabinet minister Alan Milburn conducted by Graham Robb, an old friend from my days as Political Editor of the Newcastle Journal.

Together with Labour supporter Nick Wallis, former Tory election candidate Graham hosts a programme called "Northern Decision Makers" which features on his new broadband TV channel.

In the interview, which is in two parts, Mr Milburn says the next general election will be the closest since 1974 and argues that it is currently "up for grabs."

While he concedes that Gordon Brown could lose, he also predicts that so long as Labour gets the over-arching narrative right and presents a message of hope, the party will win an unprecedented fourth term.

The interview also contains some further interesting thoughts from Mr Milburn on the social moblity agenda which he has continued to champion during his time outside government.

It is well worth watching, and provides further proof in my view that a place should be found for the Darlington MP back at Labour's top table.

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Anonymous said...

This has been an excellent visit Paul and informative too. Milburn's comments illustrate how far some Labour politicians have moved in the past ten years and his analysis of the ability of the two major parties to win the next election is probably correct.

It begs the question "Where is the centre ground now"?
It appears to be a fair bit further to the right than it was in 1997.

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