Saturday, March 01, 2008

Woss a waste of money

I frequently find Jonathan Ross's Friday night chatshow required viewing, but as a BBC licence-payer who presumably contributes to Wossie's huge £18m salary, last night's dreadful interview with Ashes to Ashes star Keeley Hawes left me feeling distinctly shortchanged.

Hawes is one of the most talented young actresses this country posesses yet Ross chose to treat her with utter disdain. I don't blame Ross for the fact that he clearly fancies the arse off her - so do half the men in Britain between the ages of 30 and 45 as far I can work out - but as a professional interviewer, he perhaps could have made it a little less obvious.

The sum total of his interview was basically as follows: Do you and Philip Glenister end up getting it on in Ashes to Ashes, what was that "lesbo thing" you were in a few years ago (it was Tipping the Velvet), and do you feel any differently about enacting lesbian sex scenes as straight sex scenes - a crass question since Hawes is on the record as saying she is bisexual.

"We learned absolutely nothing about her," was my wife's comment afterwards. What we did learn was that Jonathan Ross, apart from being an overpaid oaf, clearly gets off a bit on the girl-on-girl stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Less of the agism comments ....We 70 olds also fancy her!

Anonymous said...

and us 24 year olds!!

Andrew said...

And us soon, oh too soon, to be 45 year olds will still fancy her in a years time. As well as recognising the supreme talent of the woman since she acted in the James video, 'She's a Star' when she clearly was and is.

Andrew said...

I was actually at the filming of the show on Thursday and to be honest with you Keely Hawes didn't come across very well at all. She looked very uncomfortable / nervous when the interview first started and never really answered any of the Woss questions with more than a few words. She could have been drunk for all I know. The Rock said she had been drinking!! The interview actually lasted a lot longer than you saw on TV and quite a lot was cut out - most of it bad. Some people gel really well with Ross like the Rock, Bruce Willis and Gordon Ramsey but others don't quite get his sense of humour.

Paul Linford said...

Good to have your perspective on it, Andrew, but given the approach Woss was adopting I am absolutely not surprised she felt nervous and uncomfortable. Keeley Hawes is a serious, talented actress, ffs, but he just treated her like a sex object. Although Hawes is exceptionally good-looking, I suspect that like most women she is actually quite shy/self-critical about her looks and Ross's line of questioning was scarcely designed to put her at her ease.

To be honest I am surprised there has not been more adverse comment in the MSM about this interview. It was possibly the most disgraceful chat show exhibition since Terry Wogan egged on a drunk George Best to start mouthing obscenities in a bid to restore his own flagging show back in the 1980s.