Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hors de combat - updated

I'm off to the States shortly to spend a bit of time with my sister out in sun-kissed Arizona, so blogging will be light in the time-honoured phrase. I may manage the odd book review - currently reading Piers Morgan's Don't you know who I am which is entertaining if not quite as instructive about the modern-day relationship between politics and journalism as his previous tome, The Insider. There will also be the odd update on Twitter, hopefully (see Sidebar.)

April 13 update: I see the Sunday papers back home today are full of speculation about a Labour leadership contest if the party does badly on May 1, with Jack Straw touted as the proverbial safe pair of hands to take over from Gordon. What no-one has bothered to explain is how this would actually improve Labour's election chances, but they've got to find something to write about I guess.

I had been hoping that by the time I get back, the blog wars might have toned down a notch....but with Tim having opened a new front I'm not holding my breath. Guys, guys.

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Semaj Mahgih said...

Sun kissed or sun blasted?

Stephen said...

Jack Straw? You mean the codger with the brown nose who was so happy to assure the House of Commons not so many years ago that Iraq posed a 'clear and present danger' to Britain?

At least we now know why the deputy leadership candidates were happy to spend so much with their campaigns for an apparently meaningless post; perhaps we'll get Harriet next!

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