Friday, August 01, 2008

Blair debate takes to airwaves

A couple of weeks back, Political Betting's Mike Smithson and I had an entertaining online debate over the question of whether Labour would now be doing even worse in the polls had Tony Blair remained as leader. Later today Mike and I will be taking to the airwaves with our respective views with a live debate on BBC Radio Five Live. It will be on air at about 6.35pm this evening, so do tune in!

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Anonymous said...

Just heard you on the radio.
You over egged the "country desperate to get rid of Blair" thing and Smithson quoted the polls to put you in your place.

Those who wanted Blair replaced by Brown cost this party dear.

Paul Linford said...

Yes, but at least I'm prepared to put my name to what I believe in.

stephen rouse said...

Our friend is quite wrong - you both came across as civilised and well-informed. It could have been longer to allow you to set out your arguments more clearly but I'm guessing the day's breaking news limited the time.