Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The blogger you would third-most like to have a pint with

The first set of prizes in the political blogging awards season have been handed out courtesy of the Witanegemot Club, and I am pleased to say this blog was among the winners.

I've never wanted the blog to be pigeonholed, so I was gratified as well as slightly amused to see it placed first in the "Best Centre Ground Blog" category (ahead of Mike Smithson's Political Betting) and second in the "Best Labour Party-supporting Blog" category (behind Bob Piper.)

Best of all, though, was my equal third place in the "Blogger You Would Most Like to Share a Pint With" category, alongside Tim Worstall and behind Devil's Kitchen and Guido Fawkes.

Cheers, guys! The Wadsworth 6Xs are on me.

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Tim Worstall said...

"The Wadsworth 6Xs are on me."

Excellent, otherwise those meeting the both of us (for yes, it is I, your fellow third placer) for a pint or two are going to be most upset with my well known disability: long pockets and short arms.

David Gladwin said...

"The Wadsworth 6Xs are on me."

Great stuff!

Where and when are you lining 'em up?

G Eagle Esq said...

MERHABA et Salve

... Gut gemacht, Herr Paul ...


Would you like really to share a Pint with an Eagle ...

... who can stand unNOTICED at the Bar of the PRANCING PONY avec une £50 Note in the Talon

... only to IGNORED by the Bar=Maid for 40+ minutes ... while she serves dimensionally-challenged Hobbits ... und WORSE, some dashing Strider-Mensch ...

... just because Strider is the Tory Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Belper expecting a Ministry in the next Tory Administration ... if only he can dispose of the random left-of-centre Orcs, currently abusing the Government of Her Majesty (God Bless Her) while bringing the Beloved Country to its knees

Peut-estre, after all, we should send you to the Bar to order les Beverages

Tot siens atque Ciao

Aquila non Candida

muz said...

What do you mean?