Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holidays open thread

In case you're wondering.....I'm currently taking a two-week break from work, blogging, blogging league-tables, email, and anything else that involves sitting in front of a computer screen when I should be spending my time with the kids/in the garden/putting up shelves. Thankfully, there's absolutely nothing happening politically that is worth writing about, so those of you that come here for the incisive political analysis are not missing anything.

For those of you who come here for other reasons...we have once again been making use of the old Vango Diablo 900 (blame the credit crunch) and have so far had two very pleasant camping trips, one here in Derbyshire with some Sheffield friends, another down in Sussex which we combined with a visit to a friend's wedding and my brother-in-law's 40th.

We're now back at home enjoying what is left of the summer and today the weather has finally picked up. The farmer has been haymaking in the fields beyond our garden for the second time this year, and it briefly feels like midsummer again.

Barring a sudden change of Prime Minister, I am unlikely to be updating the blog again before September is upon us, so feel free to use the comments to raise any issues of interest, or even to tell me this blog is not as good as it used to be.

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Dirty Euro said...

So there were two failed plots from blackburn to get rid of the PM.
1) One wanted to stab in the back.
2) One wanted to stab in the back and then blow is brains up.

Barnacle Bill said...

Enjoy whats left of your holiday Paul, you had me worried for awhile.

David Gladwin said...

These comments aren't as good as they used to be...

Anonymous said...

Yes Gladwin your comment is rubbish. Two full stops.

David Gladwin said...

Ah, but yours is anonymous, which automatically makes it more rubbisher than mine. So there.