Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A quiet departure

Autumn is meant to be the time for those, but Brockley Kate has chosen high summer to hang up her laptop. A shame, as she was one of the better writers in the 'sphere, but blogging should never become a chore, and if it's not fun any more, she's right to walk away.

I actually voted for Kate in the Witanagemot Club Awards as the blogger I'd most like to have a pint with, solely on the strength of this post last October which revealed that we share a mutual passion for the Lakes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, your appreciative comments mean a lot - the main reason for stopping was quality control, really. I just can't (or won't) give it the time and energy it deserves, as recent months' posts will attest (lots of links, little actual thought or commentary).

I won't pretend I haven't become pretty disillusioned with politics, too, and I doubt I'll start blogging again unless that changes. (Unless I start a geology blog, but I fear that would be too much, even for my current band of sorely tested readers ...)

The Lakes, however, I will continue to appreciate! Up there at the end of the month, in fact, if you happen to be available for a pint in Keswick?!

Paul Linford said...

Much as I would love to join you for a pint in Keswick at the end of this month, Kate, the next time I'll be anywhere near there is the end of October. As you so rightly said in your post last year, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is a great time to be in the Lakes!