Thursday, September 04, 2008


Commenting on today's latest helpful intervention by embittered former home secretary Charles Clarke, former Labour minister Nigel Griffiths told the Today Programme: "In 2007 he and Alan Milburn set up a think tank called 2020 Vision. It didn't think but it certainly tanked."

A contender for Quote of the Year, surely.

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i albion said...

Off topic Paul, some of the Campaigners for an English Parliament are having a Rally at Berwick this Sat the 6th Sep. from 1 till 5 at Marygate,a little mention would be very welcome.

Dirty Euro said...

Charles Clarke is disgrace. This is not the time to make these comments.
I honestly wonder if he will defect to the tories. He just got rid of any good puclicity form the economic recovery packages.

i albion
A rally at Berwick. Why do you want to hold a rally in english occupied territory. Do the settlers want to goad the scottish. LOL. Albion means the whole of britain not england. I support devolved parlimanet for england.

Mark said...

I noticed that quote earlier. Enjoyed it just as much as you too!

media scum said...

A super quote. BTW why are campaigners for an English Parliament going to a town that was and is an integral part of Northumbria, but where the locals (as recently polled) would like to be part of Scotland ?

Anonymous said...

Some of the people wanted to be part of Scotland because of all the freebies,denied to the English.
media scum.are you saying Northumbria is not in England ???
because we heard all that talk when the North East voted NO to the Assemblies,and it got the yes campaigners nowhere.

Dirty Euro said...

The Scottish government under Vladimir Samlond are sending in a "peace keeping force" to Berwick after this clear violation of peace treaties by english nationalists.

G Eagle Esq said...

Bonjour Senor Paul

If Scotland abolishes the Council Tax as well as Hospital Parking Charges, can Derbyshire please be allowed to join Scotland, albeit without the City of Derby & the Township of Beaureper, if you so desire


Why are trendy-lefties making such embittered comments about Monsieur Clarke

Is he a bit close to the mark for left-of-centre wishful-thinking

He seems to be stating what is blindingly obvious

... except to trendy-lefties who are currently enjoying the fruits of office ... altho' that will not much longer be the case, unless they change the Prime Minister

This Labour Government is visibly failing

* this threadbare Government has driven UK Manufacturing to near-extinction by over-taxation & over-regulation - so many UK jobs have been driven abroad - not that the chattering classes nor those in comfortable well-paid State employment care

* this Government has massively over-spent & over-borrowed, so that it has NO room for manoeuvre

* unEmployment is about to rise

All Mr Brown is fit for is screwing up the Housing Market with these ridiculous HIPS packs and by delaying for weeks the stamp duty reduction which is too little and too late