Thursday, October 09, 2008

The not-the-global economic meltdown open thread

Profuse apologies for lack of blogging this week - it's been a hectic time both at home and at work and my No 2 is off on holiday so it's been a case of too few hours in the day.

Feel free to use this thread to raise any issues of interest, so long as they are not about the global credit crunch as I'm bored rigid with it.

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Sharp Edge Books said...

No takers? Allow me to suggest a topic.

It looks as though long books are back in fashion at last.

So what do readers think?

Does size matter, or is less sometimes more?

Paul Linford said...

I remember Sharp Edge Books. Does the fair Miriam still work there?

Sharp Edge Books said...

Miriam still comes in a lot, but she has other demands on her time too.

Gosmore said...

If you don't mind, Paul, I'd prefer to do the torch-carrying for Miriam.

And she can teach them to burn bright.

DR Alport said...

I'm sorry, Peter, but that's just clumsy. If you're going to quote from Shakespeare, you really need to edge yourself ahead of the crowd. That was just...wispy.

Anyway. Nelson tonight, is it?

Paul Linford said...

I dunno, I think anyone who can quote bits of Romeo and Juliet on here edges ahead of the normal (political) crowd.

Gosmore said...

Yes Danny, the Nelson, I suppose. I might have one in the Queen's Head first, though.

Anyawy, why don't you get a move on with that novel of yours, instead of giving me advice?

dr alport said...


Are you drinking already, Mister Gosmore?

Sharp Edge Books said...

Actually Paul, I would recommend Shakespeare to anyone interested in politics, particularly with regard to political speeches.

I bet that Gosmore isn't the only reader of yours who can knock out a quote or two. Even if he only does it to impress the ladies.