Friday, January 09, 2009

Brown's Kitchen Cabinet

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Diablo said...

Oh they will, Paul! They have already started.

Morus said...


This was a comment on a while ago that I thought you might appreciate.

“The relationship between policians and drinks is an interesting and often difficult one. Just as you can imagine people as animals or musical instruments, I recently found myself thinking of politicians in terms of what drink they would be.

Just as US President Andrew Jackson had his ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ let us imagine Gordon Brown’s ‘Drinks’ Cabinet:

Douglas Alexander - Scotch - Liked by fewer people than who claim to
David Miliband - Sherry -You can imagine Old Ladies being fond, but not really anyone else.
Alistair Darling - Port - Liable to induce headaches and drowsiness
Jack Straw - Vodka (& coke) - NuLabour yet also an Ex-Trot: Detente in a glass
Hillary Benn - Brandy - Cultured, and seems older than actually is
Ed Balls - Bourbon - brash, clumsy, poor immitation of Scotch (see above)
John Hutton - Absinthe - Doesn’t mix well with other drinks mentioned
Harriet Harman - Advocaat - completely useless, and no-one has any idea what it is doing in the Cabinet
Jacqui Smith - Gin - A London-centric drink. To help you survive Home and the Office.
Hazel Blears - Moonshine/Poitin - Detestable in small measure presented, would be unbearable in larger quantities
Alan Johnson - Bailey’s - A little slippery, a little cloying, liked by the ladies apparently
Ruth Kelly - Vegetable Oil - Simply doesn’t belong
Peter Hain - Orange (crushed) - no explanation required
Margeret Hodge (aka Proms hater) - Soda Water - no f***ing taste.”

Then people started adding their own suggestions:

Nick Clegg - Bucks Fizz - Yellow, goes flat very quickly, not taken very seriously
Gordon Brown - bitter (Old Peculiar)
Lord Soames - stout
Iain Duncan-Smith - mild
Vince Cable - pint of Brains
Michael Howard - something of the nightcap?
Peter Mandelson - Campari and Orange. Deeply and satisfying bitter.
Clare Short - A Bitter Lemon
Robin Cook - Whisk(er)y and Ginger
George W Bush - N(oil)ly Prat
George Galloway - VERy big MOUTH
John Prescott - Punch
Dennis Skinner - Bols o(r) Ver(mouth)
Vladimir Putin - White Russian
Dmitri Medvedev - Moscow Mule"