Thursday, January 08, 2009

Credit crunch Britain

Throwaway line spotted in Manchester Evening News report on Ronaldo's car smash earlier today:
It has been estimated Ronaldo has spent around £2m on cars since joining United five years ago.

Sadly, such largesse was not quite enough to save the 1,200 workers at Nissan who have lost their jobs today.

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Graham said...

Hi Paul, looks like a costly smash. Your blog entry for 8th Jan was only so slightly loaded;) Does the average Nissan worker care about Cristian's financial loss, probably not, especially if he or she was one of the 1200 who lost their jobs. But then Cristian may not be too bothered either when the car only cost him 2% of his annual salary. I'm not sure what they're paid but the average Nissan worker may have to spend 10-20% of annual salary on an average car, those who still work there that is. Hardly seems fair really. But there are always two sides to a coin as they say. £10M a year is a lot to pay, but then how much does the club make out of a soccer player? On 7th Jan The Guardian reported Man Utd turned over more than £245M and probably paid a good profit on that. If the club paid Cristian £100,000 a year instead the club would make even more, but then the dream of a young school boy becoming a wealthy footballer would be quashed. And why should the club make all the money anyway? After all its the players people come to see, not the board of directors. Now heres another perspective; I am an Englishman living in Melbourne Australia. Why you may well say; well today is the 12th of Jan and its 26 degrees Celcius. The current exchange rate is 46p to the Aussie dollar; that makes the F599 around AU$435,000, except we would have to pay AU$750,000 here for the same car due to government luxury car tax. Now you'd be right if you said most Aussies can't afford the English price, let alone the local one. Oh and the highest paid footballer here is on AU$6M, or £2.75M. That makes the F599 27% of the highest paid players salary here, so spare a thought for the hard up Aussie footballer ;) On a more serious note, my commiserations to all those who have lost their jobs. 2009 will be a tough year for some.

Anonymous said...

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