Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coalition to hold Inquiry into West Lothian Question

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I've not noticed any bloggers or journalists who have thus far picked up on this intriguing paragraph in the Lib-Con policy agreement document published yesterday:

We have agreed to establish a commission to consider the West Lothian Question
This could of course be no more than a means of kicking the issue into that bit of St James's Park where they can't quite get the mower - but it's certainly good to see it at least on the new government's agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

I for one have mentioned it yesterday on my blog:


Paul Linford said...

Thanks Dave, and I agree with what you have written.

Anonymous said...

My fear is that, with so many Lib Dem MPs representing Scottish constituencies, the coalition has agreed to do nothing, but, in order to save Conservative face, has set up the commission. What can we do to ensure that this commission has the right kind of representation? I fear we may need to help get something moving here.
Harold Young, Studham, Beds.

skipper said...

I always wonder why the WLQ gets so much attention when the Ulster MPs a few decades back were virtually part of the Tory party, yet nobody worried about the fact they could legislate on British matters while we could not on Ulster domestic mstters. Our constitution is quite good at ignoring things that don't really matter that much.