Monday, June 12, 2006

A generous accolade

Iain Dale is one of the two leading political bloggers in Britain in terms of visitor numbers and influence within the political media as a whole.

So I'm extremely honoured to have been named as the No 1 journalist blogger in the country in Iain's latest set of listings, above the likes of Adam Boulton, Nick Robinson and Stephen Pollard.

If I'm honest, all three of those get more traffic than I do, but I do try to provide something a bit different from what the mainstream media are doing a lot of the time and I'm glad Iain (and other loyal readers of my blog) seem to have recognised this.

It's also a typically generous tribute from Iain who, even though he has reached the top of this particular branch of the profession, regularly takes the time to promote this and other blogs which are not nearly so well read as his is, for which thanks.

Coming soon: My top 10 political bloggers...


David Gladwin said...

Nice to see you topping Iain's list, Paul, but it's a shame that he doesn't elaborate on his selections...unlike your Top Tens, where we can get a feel for what the choices mean to you.

Cranmer said...

Mr Linford,

Thank you indeed for your kind comment on Mr Dale's blog about my blog.

It was kind of you to take the trouble.


Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, I agree that grassroots Tory blogs, as opposed to the high profile writers, are of great value too and Iain obviously recognises that.

It's very generous of cranmer to thank you in response, he must be very hot right now with that beard.