Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A-lister picked to be my next MP

The Derby Evening Telegraph reports that long serving Derby City councillor and Tory A-list candidate Pauline Latham has won the battle to contest the newly-created seat of Mid-Derbyshire for the Conservatives at the next election.

Who cares? Well, I do, because I live there and because, as it's likely to be a rock-solid Tory constituency, Pauline is almost certain to become my MP.

Fortunately, we go back quite a long way. Pauline was on Derbyshire County Council back in the 1980s when I covered it for the Evening Telegraph and we have stayed in touch, occasionally running into eachother and enjoying a drink or two at party conferences.

Word has it that most of the A-List put in for this seat, so I personally think it's great that they've chosen a local candidate. I might even vote for her.

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David Gladwin said...

I never thought I'd see you considering a Tory vote, Paul...

Paul Linford said...

Well, you have to look at it in the context of my post earlier this week on political cross-dressing.

At the moment, I am only posing the question rather than answering it, but the question "Should left-of-centre voters support Cameron?" seems to me a valid one if the choice on offer is two right-wing parties, one of which (New Labour) is more concerned about pleasing right-wing voters, the other of which (the Tories) seems to be adopting a more inclusive approach.

I suppose it also helps that I know the candidate, although, much as I like Pauline Latham, I don't think this would ever be the determining factor in how I would cast a General Election vote.

Helmut von Klinkerhoffen said...

Herr Linford,

I always thought you were a conservtive supporter as your pic shows you wearing a Tory blue shirt.