Monday, December 18, 2006

Blair is just making things worse for Labour

Writing in this morning's Guardian, Jackie Ashley makes the point that the longer Tony Blair tries to drag out his increasingly discredited premiership, the worse it gets both for him and for the Labour Party.

Following the shameful events of last Thursday, I came to a similar conclusion in my weekend columns and podcast which has gone live today.

"The man who promised to clean up politics continues to sully it beyond anything achieved by John Major’s administration. Until the day he finally goes, his capacity to damage both the Labour Party and the reputation of British politics in general will remain unhindered."

The full text is available HERE.

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Praguetory said...

Really enjoyed listening to your podcast Paul. Is this a regular feature?

Paul Linford said...

Yes, it's a regular feature. I have been doing the podcast weekly since last December and I'm now on the 48th episode. I don't make a huge song and dance about it, but it is in fact now the longest-running regular political podcast in the UK.