Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just Fancy That

"Tony Blair is not a Prime Minister going gently into the night. And it is easy to see why he is raging against the dying of the light."

- Andrew Rawnsley, in his Observer column today.

"A leader who had long outstayed his welcome, yet who, in the vain search for a legacy, continued to rage against the dying of the light."

- My Political Review of 2006, first published in the Newcastle Journal on 23 December and also available on this blog.

It's not the first time either, is it, Andrew?

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Anonymous said...

mr rawnsely has been going downhil for sometime! he clearly hasnt got the time to write a decent column in the observer anymore. Not with that wonderfully in depth and highbrow political show he copresents on itv1 on a sunday lunchtime!!!

Blamerbell said...

Put on a wig and turn up at ITV studios next Sunday and see if anyone notices...

G Eagle Esq said...

Dear Paul

Imitation = the sincerest form of flattery


PS Sorry I can't imitate your strange enthusiasm for Dennis Healey, a Chancellor who brought the British Economy to its knees & a Defence Secretary who "saved" 10% of the building costs of HMS Invincible, which would have increased its operational effectiveness by 25% (might have come in handy during the Falklands)

but I concede he would have made a better Prme Minister than Messrs Wilson, Callagham, Foot, Kinnock ......

Paul Linford said...

Healey actually rescued the British economy and prepared the ground for Thatcherism by effectively adopting monetarrism from 1976 onwards (albeit after being forced to do so by the IMF.)