Thursday, January 25, 2007

Political Heroes (Again!)

Paul Burgin of Mars Hill has tagged me to name my six political heroes. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave a few months ago.

Paul and I share two heroes - Winston Churchill and Denis Healey (pictured). The others are Tony Crosland, David Lloyd George, Mikhail Gorbachev and Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I. Martin Luther King, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, Lord Palmerston and Michael Heseltine were also named in my original Top 10.

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crossland said...

After becoming a regular reader of your Blog some months ago I've paid a lot more attention to Denis Healey.
This week I came across a copy of 'time of my life' in Oxfam. I've just started it but am already impressed- Its great to read a Clearly insightfull politician with an unapologetic passion for Painting,poetry and virginia woolf !

So there you go Paul ,you've at least got one Lab activist who knew next to nothing about Healey to learn a bit more about the man !

The CPF said...

Healey was the best Social Democrat out of him, Crosland, and Jenkins. As for Pope John Paul I Paul, I am a fan of him myself, although I hold the John Cornwell view over what happened, as opposed to the David Yallop view

Paul Burgin said...

Sorry that should be my comment :/

UK Daily Pundit said...

Have you had a stab at Brown's first cabinet yet Paul?

Paul Burgin said...

Well this needs some thinking, I have a few vague ideas. Give me a few days and I might have a stab at it on my blog.

GuardianReader said...

I notice you don't have any women in your list.

Who are your top 5 political heroines?

Paul Linford said...

I wouldn't describe any of them as heroines exactly, but the five female politicians I have most admired would probably be:

1 Barbara Castle
2 Benazir Bhutto
3 Shirley Williams
4 Corazon Aquino
5 Margaret Beckett