Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Union: Will it last another 300 years?

Well, the answer to that is sadly not, unless the growing pressure from English voters for a distinctive political voice of their own is finally acknowledged and acted upon in the shape of an English Parliament.

Indeed, if our political leaders continue to place their heads in the sand on this issue in the way that our esteemed Prime Minister is currently doing, it will be surprising if it lasts another ten.

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1 comment:

Honey Weeks said...

Don't forget the influence of the Pope...There's all those Scottish Catholics who still believe there is a God and see their future in Europe without the Conservative-Party-At-Prayer (aka Anglicans...) where they can have male priests and be heterosexuals without being branded "politically incorrect"....The Shamams of the Conservative-Party-At-Prayer (Anglican Vicars) have started migrating to the Catholic Church in England so it is natural that Catholic Scotland will migrate to Pope-Popular Europe! Watch this space...

Honey Weeks.